Location: Koramangala

Summary: Good Italian food at a slightly expensive price; but the Panna Cotta itself makes it worth many visits.

Six of us visited this place a few days ago to cater to the Italian cravings of some of us, and this place did more than gratify. Three of us reached early and we waited for the rest of our group with Funghi al Forno. The mushrooms were succulently delicious oozing with garlic-y goodness. The bread basket with warm breads also made it’s appearance and were happily emptied. By the time the remaining three showed up, all of us were hungry enough to do a deep dive into the main course.

Many things were ordered including penne al pesto which was well made (although I found the basil a bit overwhelming) Fettucine ala siciliana, the shrimp risotto (which was a little low on the shrimp), while I ordered the Tagliata de Filetto, slices of tenderloin with grilled veggies on the side. The beef was cooked well at a medium and the fresh vegetables really complemented the meat well. All in all, it was a very satisfying repast albeit I would’ve preferred the portions of the courses to be slightly bigger.

The dinner ended with a bang! We ordered the panna cotta and the mango cheesecake. The latter was not bad at all, but it paled in comparison with the heavenly panna cotta. I am not a big traveller, nor do I have the exquisite culinary tongue, but this was easily the best panna cotta I have had outside Italy. As I said before, I’ll go there just for this. And next time, I’ll ask them to not give me the berry compote for the cream is just oh-so-good!

At the end of the night, six of us paid 3600; as I said a tad exp.

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