Fava – The Mediterranean Restaurant

Location: UB City Mall, Bangalore.

Summary: Excellent service; very tasty food; small portions and quite expensive.

I have been to this restaurant many times. Whenever an out-of-towner visits and asks me for the Bangalore experience food-wise, Fava is often a relevant choice given how close it is to where I live (and of course the wonderful food). I recall fondly how an aunt of mine spent 20 minutes filling up a the response form beseeching them to open a branch in Chembur, Bombay!

Fava is expensive though. To have a meal which’ll fill your heart and belly, you must be prepared to shell out 700-800 bucks. Even more, if your gills need to filled as well. However, it is money well spent.

I have had two kinds of food experiences here. I either go the Mezze route, where we order the dozen mezzes platter and by the time we are done tasting them all, I have always felt too full for a main course and the table just orders another appetizer or so. Their creamy labneh is memorable, and so is the walnut-y sauce whose name escapes me. The dolmas (fish ones, esp) are pretty good as well.
The other route is the more standard appetizer + main course way. If that is to be the course of the evening, I always go for the fish. The basa is oh-so-succulently seared and placed over finely grilled vegetables and a deliciously creamy mound of mashed potatoes. Highly recommended.

I do not often get desserts here; once I tried the trio of panna cotta. It’s good, but there’s better Panna cotta available in the city. In any case, the restaurant serves a complementary chocolate ganache mini truffle to sweeten the palate. I think that’s an excellent idea and pretty much symbolizes up the excellent service of the place.

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