Location: UB City, Bangalore

Summary: Excellent Italian fare, at expensive prices.

A few days back saw me at Toscano’s for dinner after a long hiatus. I visited this place after almost a year. I was excited; I cherished memories of the medium rare steak served on a sliver of garlic-infused bok choy. It probably was my first steak after coming back to India, and reassured me that food was not going to be what I miss from the USA. I also recalled that the price-tag was a little higher than what I was usually comfortable with. What I had forgotten was that I had gone during lunch hours. I am assuming  Toscano has a separate dinner menu (for instance, as does it’s neighbor, Cafe Noir). Otherwise the rates have risen sharply.

Ok, enough about the prices. I will not mention them again.

We came in early (for someone had a train to catch). It might be the reason why we didn’t need reservations, for otherwise, on a weekend evening it’s not easy to find a table. I know for I have been bitten once. While we pored over the menu deciding what to eat, the breads arrived with the garlic butter peppered with Italian herbs, and, what I believe was crushed basil in olive oil. The breads were fresh enough, and the condiments were relishing. I gobbled them up, although I was not at my hungriest.

Our table ended up with three pizzas and two pastas. I chose the pig route, ordering the Capriccioso, a wood-over baked thin crust pizza with artichokes, black olives, mushrooms complementing the cooked ham and pepperoni. Since I was the only non-vegetarian, I stuck to my own dish while the others shared their food and joy, but I pitched in with the ooh-aahs of deliciousness.

Then came the desserts. We ordered three: the tiramisu, the kahlua mousse in almond tuile, and the warm walnut brownie with vanilla ice-cream. Molto Bello! Molto Bello!
I would’ve preferred the brownie a few degrees warmer, and the mousse without the kahlua, but the tiramisu, oh the tiramisu! It was superbe. And I say that as a person who is not a great fan of that particular dessert. Only once I have been struck by it (at a small shop in Champaign, IL!), but this one reached similar heights. One could surely go there just for that.

Well done, Toscano, well done.

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